GLOW by Lola is a catalyst for discovering your inner vibe through intuitive counseling, community experiences, nature celebrations, and spiritual skin care products.  Please make yourself comfortable and EXPLORE around this site. It’s such a pleasure to have you!  To stay full up to date with me and my bizzzz, follow me on Facebook here.

I am multi-passionate, self-made, world travelin’, yogi-fied, mama-preneur. I consider myself a “lover, not a fighter” kinda woman and truly look at the world with rose-colored, crystal glasses. I have been given a special gift, to see the true glow in each being here. In the end, I help you Find YOUR Light and Return HOME to Love.

At the center of my being, MY true purpose is to:

  • connect you to your highest, truest, best self

  • expand your mind beyond what you’re used to

  • provide you with the tools to discover and achieve EXACTLY what you want from this beautiful journey of life

Glow by Lola’s coaching practice will often include conversations, deep questions, guided meditation, hands on reiki, music, and the arts. Each session aims to be transformational, inquisitive, and educational. You will begin to understand your relationship with food as well as the power your mind and movement has on your overall being. Each session will include a thought out agenda, possible handouts/readings, opportunities for learning, and a takeaway goal tracker.

Glow by Lola’s yoga, nature boot-camps and spiritual classes serve as opportunities to tone your body, mind and spirit, all in one! You will breathe deep, laugh loud and awaken your highest and best inner glow. Each class guarantees authentic connection from the instructor, Lola, and serves as a safe space for healing and growth. 

Glow by Lola’s spiritual skin care products are specially crafted using organic, pure therapeutic essential oils. Using Lola’s reiki healing breath and energy channelling, each product has a special formula to enhance the vibrational frequency of the body, inside and out.  These products are more than just skin care, they are little tools to help you find your light and return to love, always. 



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