About Lola

Hi, I’m Lola and it is truly my pleasure to serve and honor YOU. Thank you for joining me!  I’m here to help you discover how to fall in love with yourself and ignite your inner glow!

I am multi-passionate, self-made, world travelin’, yogi-fied, mama-preneur. I consider myself a “lover, not a fighter” kinda woman and truly look at the world with rose-colored, crystal glasses.

At the center of my being, MY true purpose is to:

  • connect you to your highest, truest, best self

  • expand your mind beyond what you’re used to

  • provide you with the tools to discover and achieve EXACTLY what you want from this beautiful journey of life

I know you sense something inside of you—maybe a word, phrase or image bubbles up when you hear the words “inner glow.” This is because your spirit is READY to be HEARD, and I can tell you right now, it gets better. There IS more to life and you CAN get what you want out of it. It’s possible! Once you commit to being open to receive what is meant for you, things start to flooooow. And you start to GLOW!!!!!

So… you may be wondering, how did I discover this flow, this glow, this magic? Great question! Basically, I grew tired of feeling tired. I had an inner sense that something needed to change with my life. I wanted to CHOOSE my experiences, become a more *consciously woke woman*.  I realized that there was something holding me back, still. Old wounds… Old memories from the past in which I experienced pain and sadness were still being made present in my current life. That’s not cool! Carrying around baggage is a sure-fire way to “kill your vibe”, “disrupt your flow”.

Born a musician and performer, I spent my formative years singing, dancing, acting, and playing the piano and cello. I carried this love of performing with me everywhere, yet, for some time, it turned out to be one of my greatest demons, making the constant tendency to “perform” depleting and confusing to my deepest self.  Who was I performing for? I was tired of pretending. So I stopped, for many years. I made a decision and a realization that life could BE more—by performing less and thereby EXPERIENCING more. Recently, I have returned to my music, singing with every class I teach, every video I make.

In my twenties, I explored world travels. I lived in Argentina, then Brazil, then tried three months in Europe. Each time I was by myself and on a mission to discover what made me tick. I learned fluent Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. This all helped open my eyes, but my heart needed more.

I continued self-exploration by learning yoga. What a truly beautiful opportunity to fall in love with movement, mantras, meditation, and all things magical! I practiced day after day after day. I took classes all over the country: Chicago, LA, Austin, and more. I became a certified 200-hour yoga teacher, taught my butt off, and spread the good yogi word. I still strongly consider myself a yoga teacher, but my journey inward to my heart was still occurring.

So, I tried essential oils. Yay! I stocked up on all the goodies and grew my personal collection to over 100 individual oils! I studied my desk reference nightly, I practiced on loved ones, and eventually created my own beautiful line of essential oil based skin care products. But sure enough, my heart was still asking to go deeper.

I moved on to nutrition. Food = Life! This path gave me the energy I needed to perform. I juiced, tried purely raw, vegan, paleo, mediterranean, gluten-free plant-based, and more.  I received my holistic nutrition certification from SWIHA and started teaching and coaching others how to eat well to feel well.  I firmly believe in good, real food as an anchor to my life, but… my heart needed more.

I became a certified reiki practitioner. THIS! This was the right next step for expansion. I was able to lift the veil of my former self, and REALLY see what was asking to be discovered. I adore reiki, the acknowledgment of source of life—inner light—glowing vibrations of energy—symbols of power, release, and growth—absolute healing. Reiki has been another anchor that allows me to connect with others and be a clear channel of energy for peace and beauty and transformation to occur.

But to bring it all into fruition, I needed to share what I learned. I needed to become a holistic + spiritual life coach because this is what makes me glow. It feels so damn good to be able to live a life where I teach YOU all I’ve learned. I know you. I know EXACTLY how you feel, what goes on in your head and maybe even in your heart. I want your light to shine. I want your life to feel beautiful, lovely, amazing, and GLOWing. My work is a perfect merging of magical experiences and tools to help you get there!

Are you ready to see what’s out there for you? Join my free inner glow circle and start your journey to the center of you—your GLOW.


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