GLOW by Lola spiritual + holistic life coaching achieves mind-body-spirit balance through nurturing guidance, creative healing, and vibe-raising products.

My goal is to cultivate and awaken a vibrant and powerful mindset and lifestyle for each client. Careful, sacred, and focused time and effort is given to understanding each client from the inside out. We will get to the root of your needs and goals.


Our sessions will often include conversations, deep questions, yoga, guided meditation, hands on reiki, music, the arts, and more. Each meeting aims to be transformational, inquisitive, and educational with a thought out agenda, possible handouts/readings, opportunities for learning, and a takeaway goal tracker.


Discovery Call: Let’s discover if we’re a good match by scheduling a complimentary call to talk about what’s pulling you towards life coaching.

Glimmer Package: This 3-session package allows us to build the foundation needed to move in any direction needed to get to your best you. Each hour-long session will provide healing, relaxation, and the 100% you-time to finally focus on your needs. Scheduling is more flexible (you can schedule up to 14 days between sessions), and you’ll be able to sample my products during our time together as they’re needed.

Shine Package: This 5-week package takes you to the next level. We’ve built the foundation, we’ve created the quiet time to hear your wishes, let’s put things in motion! These hour-long sessions are weekly or biweekly for the best results in transformation. You’ll have access to GLOW by Lola’s beautiful products, custom-picked for your needs. Life will unfold, paths will present themselves, and you’ll have me guiding you the whole way—never alone on your incredible journey.

Glow Package: Want to guarantee 8 full weeks in our schedules for your journey? This is the package for you! Hour-long sessions are weekly for the best results, and you’ll get to experience GLOW by Lola products, custom-picked for your needs. Let’s be honest — two and half months isn’t that much time when we’re talking about unpacking all the anchors that have been holding you back from blissful freedom. You deserve to live the rest of your life GLOWING, and this is the way to achieve it!