Intuitive Counseling

Ready to commit and invest in your INTERNAL attributes and become your absolute #radical + #freespirited  highest and best self? I’ll hold your hand as we discuss what is reoccurring in your life that could hold more significance than you consciously realize. Using specific mind, body, heart meditations and activations, I will hold the space for your absolute healing. I believe in enhancing the energy field with EFT tapping, colors, crystals, reiki + essential oils. We will walk the path together as your overall life is improved.

My goal is to cultivate and awaken a vibrant and powerful mindset and lifestyle for each client. Careful, sacred, and focused time and effort is given to understanding each client from the inside out. We will get to the root of your needs and goals and achieve mind-body-spirit balance through nurturing guidance, creative healing, and vibe-raising products. You will have the power to rise up and look at life with a different perspective. I assist you in navigating through the natural challenge’s that is brought your way and give you the choice to speak your truth to these challenges, with compassion, honesty, and love.

Let’s discover if we’re a good match by scheduling a complimentary call to talk about what’s pulling you towards intuitive counseling. There are several options for all beings and every price point.