Backyard Bliss Pack of 5




Backyard Bliss is a nature-based circuit training course that strengthens your body, releases your mind, and connects you to your spirit-igniting inner glow.

Spending time in nature is a requirement for happiness and for relieving stress. A minimum of one to two hours a week in nature is a guaranteed way to live your inner glow. Backyard Bliss lasts 60 minutes and includes samples of Glow by Lola’s vibe-raising, essential oil skin care products, and ends with a nutritious treat to fuel your glow. Each station has a level for every body: 1, 2, 3 depending on your day. You will laugh, push yourself, balance, shout for joy, get your hands dirty, challenge your mind, and find freedom!

Classes take place during Spring, Summer and Fall Seasons. Stay tuned for up to date class times on


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