Tools for Happiness Series




Tools for Happiness is beautiful and magical. Just like the crystals bounce off of one another in a beautiful crystal grid, the energy from our weekly healing circle bounces off each of the participants.  Imagine stepping into a space where immediate love, light, and awareness begins to take over your soul. You look around, your eyes can see so much clearer now, you have a deep understanding of exactly what you need to do next. THIS, my friend, is your inner voice talking to you. And for once, you can HEAR it clearly!

Tools to Happiness Series is an opportunity for you to connect inward, to your heart, and own your happiness fully.

Session 1 – The Importance of Intention + Mindset – what, how + how to use
Session 2 – Self Care Sweet Spots – how much, what, how + when
Session 3 – Essential Oils – why, which, when (includes a mini make+take)
Session 4 – The Power of Food for JoyGleeCheer {Mooooood} – plan to go mmm
Session 5 – Movements for Blissing Out – how-to, which + when

Series last 5 weeks and are seasonal. Follow me on to stay up to date!



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