Each session includes time for movement, time to review the plan I have customized for you, and time to go over the questions you have for me.

Topics covered in sessions can range from weight loss coaching, self-exploration, personalized yoga instruction, nutritional plans, planning and meditation.  Sessions can take place in person or over the phone. ​

90 Day Whole-Self Health Program

Work with me once a week for three months to improve your overall mind (confidence), body (fitness & food), spirit (faith) health. You will make small changes each week that will last a lifetime. Let’s Glow!


  • Once per week for three months (12 sessions)
  • Improve mind, body and spirit
  • Embrace weekly changes that will last a lifetime

Feel Better with Food Plan

Need some help determining which exact foods will help you heal? This package includes five sessions that set you up for nutritional success and help you feel immediate changes in your overall health.


  • Five sessions
  • Nutritional exploration and planning
  • Help the body, mind and spirit heal with a customized list of foods

10 Day Power Reboot

​Receive an entire 10 day eating plan to help you clear toxins, reduce weight, and gain energy. This reboot is perfect for season changes or when you feel like you are in a ‘funk’. Let’s Glow, baby!


  • Two sessions (Introduction and Recommendation)
  • Creation of a Customized 10-Day Eating Plan
  • Healing plan to clear toxins, reduce weight and gain energy

Glow Circle Group Coaching

Join me twice a month for this interactive, group-coaching session. You will learn the basics of using essential oils, how to heal with food, and simple techniques to stay in the self-care zone!


  • Twice per month
  • Interactive, Group-Coaching Session
  • Learn tips on how to help your body, mind and spirit heal