Word of Praise

Special words of PRAISE:

“I’ve used every skin care product line GLOW by Lola has put out, because I love them so. From the pure, organic ingredients, to their “made in Urbana” awesomeness, to the way my skin feels and spirit lifts when I use them… you can’t go wrong. My favorites: Relax sugar scrub, Manifest bath salts, Focus essential oil, Facial water”-A.P.

“Lola is one of those people who you meet once and feel like they have always been in your life.
I’ve known Lola for almost a year now and she still coaches me through my job as a health and wellness coordinator. Her energy is so positive and uplifting, she really makes you believe (and realize) you could do anything. I’ve been mentored, coached, and have gotten my butt kicked from her Zumba/yoga classes. I’ve tried many of her homemade products such as the lip balm and oils. I can’t fall asleep at night without ‘Just Chill!'” -M.C.

Backyard Bliss is nature meets yoga meets strength and balance work. I enjoyed the modifications choices; I was able to make the workout as challenging as I’d like, and I was also able to modify for weak wrists. I especially liked that this class is outside and very unique: it was fantastic break from the indoor pilates or boot camp class routine I’m used to at the gym. -J.R.

“You will love her gentle yoga class no matter what level of yoga you can do.” –B.H.

  “Practicing yoga as a couple under Lola’s guidance has been an incredibly rewarding experience. By simply dedicating an hour of time each week and a faith in her approach, we have experienced positive physical and spiritual benefits.” –B.C. + G.C.

“Lola’s Inner Glow Circle Group Coaching has been a transformational healing process for me personally. Each session of Lola’s intuitive and holistic blend of yoga, essential oils, and Mudra work has helped me find inner peace by illuminating mind, body, and spirit. So grateful for her guidance!” -J.L.G.

“I physically and mentally hit rock bottom about 5 months ago. I reached out to Lola to help me start my journey to wellness because I didn’t want to be dependent on the drugs that I knew my Dr. would prescribe. I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into but when you start talking to Lola, you can feel the possibilities of change!  What I like most about her is that she is just like you and me, she doesn’t try to pretend that she is perfect and that is what makes her so easy to talk to! With the guidance of Lola I was able to feel better again, stay positive, and learn how to take charge of my health!  If you feel like you have hit a brick wall or that you are ready for a change, I recommend making a holistic life coaching appointment with Lola to see how she can help you!” – C.A.

“Lola is a wonderful coach. She is an empathetic listener and offers holistic and practical guidance. She really helped me to get back into a healthy lifestyle–inspiring me to start eating well and get back into yoga. Her zumba energy is also infectious–for all ability levels! Everyone should have Lola in his/her life!” – M.G.

“Lola’s passion for wellness and balance is contagious. She coached me through a rough patch in my life, and I was lucky to have her. She has natural intuition, and offers practical feedback. As a wellness coach, Lola can customize any plan to meet your needs or to help you reach your specific goals, plus her zumba classes are SO fun! She is somebody that I am lucky to have in my corner!”  -V.A.

“Thank you very much for the follow up to your transformational cleanse and just to let you know, I’m rapidly approaching my goal weight after losing 50 pounds using your recommendations about eating fruit every two hours and protein shake every two hours. I do this Monday thru Thursday and am able to eat normally the rest of the time. This way I have lost an average of 2 pounds per week since January. Thanks again for your help. It would of been much harder without your advice.” -R.T.

“Being a rockstar of a wife and mother of two, Lola makes you feel like you are a part of her family and will never give up on you. She truly changes lives with the simplicity of a natural lifestyle. If you want someone who is dedicated to you and your holistic journey, you have to contact Lola! She will be with you every step of the way, high 5’s included!” -R.A.

 “Lola is a passionate, dedicated, thoughtful health and wellness expert. As a former colleague of hers, I learned so much from her about self-care and am healthier and happier as a result. As a friend and client, I am grateful for the support, advice, and care she provides. If you are looking for alternative ways for taking care of yourself, talk to Lola!” R.Y.