Spiritual maintenance, yes. But also physical strength, mental clarity, + healed heart. ALL of it needs maintained and I have NOT been keeping up! I can not serve as my essence is intended to if my body.mind.spirit.heart is not well. #sabbatical

SO…the online store will be closing effective immediately.  Thank you for all of the love and understanding.

✨ GLOW by Lola is taking a niiiiiiice looooooong leave of absence. #sabbatical
I have to listen to my heart, trust my intuition, and lean in to both my mental and physical health’s needs at this time. ❣️
As much as the work of energy medicine is in my soul’s purpose, I can not continue to “do it all”.
Some beautiful quotes that have anchored me during this transition are:
“Your liberating and wholeness is integral to the collective wellbeing.” @melanie_sheckels
“You’re wonderful Lola and setting a healthy example for everyone – we need breaks sometimes!” @maria_ludeke
“This greater purpose of your sabbatical reaches beyond your own ego, perhaps knowing that will allow yourself to feel a greater permission, but even more so, a greater calling to rest because there is such purpose in your rest.” @dana.overman.studio
What does this mean for all clients, customers, and students?
Send me an email if you’d like to stay in touch or send some encouragement my way. Check the FB and IG page for updates as well!


GLOW by Lola is a catalyst for discovering your inner vibe through intuitive counseling, community experiences, nature celebrations, and spiritual skin care products.

At the center of my being, MY true purpose is to

» connect you to your highest, truest, best self
» expand your mind beyond what you’re used to
» provide you with the tools to achieve EXACTLY what you want from life