Hello and welcome! It is truly my pleasure to serve and honor YOU, exactly as you are. I humbly meet you in the place where you currently stand in your life. Nothing brings me more satisfaction and purpose then to acknowledge your uniqueness and ideally, help to spark some *inner glow* inside of you. I am an intuitive, spirited, multi-passionate, self-made, yogi-fied, mama-preneur. I consider myself a gentle yet grounded activist, here to disrupt the old systems and create conscious, more vibrant ones, that are inclusive and regenerative.

At the core of my being, my true purpose is to

» CONNECT you to your highest, truest, best self
» EXPAND your mind beyond what you’re used to and
» PROVIDE you with the tools to discover and achieve EXACTLY what you want from this beautiful journey of life

I know you sense something inside of you—maybe a word, phrase or image bubbles up when you hear the words “inner glow.” This is because your spirit is READY to be HEARD, and I can tell you right now, it gets better. There IS more to life and you CAN get what you want out of it. It’s possible! Once you commit to being open to receive what is meant for you, things start to flooooow. And you start to GLOW!!!!!

So… you may be wondering, how did I discover this flow, this glow, this *light-magic*? Great question! Basically, I grew tired of feeling tired. I had an inner sense that something needed to change with my life. I wanted to CHOOSE my experiences, become a more *consciously woke woman.*  I realized that there was something holding me back, still. Old wounds… Old memories from the past in which I experienced pain and sadness were still being made present in my current life. That’s not cool! Carrying around baggage is a sure-fire way to “kill your vibe” and “disrupt your flow.”

My message to you is this: You are held, loved, seen, and heard by the Universe, Source, and your Higher Self. 

Your path and presence is 100% welcome here—exactly as you are. If you are struggling internally or externally, I am here for you. I know you. I can tap in deep to how you feel, what goes on in your head and even in your heart and soul. I personally can’t wait to see your light shine brighter as we work together. I want your life to feel beautiful, lovely, amazing, and GLOWing. My work is a perfect merging of magical experiences and tools to help you get there!

Are you ready to see what’s out there for you? Join my free inner glow circle and start your journey to the center of you—your GLOW.