Hello and welcome! It is truly our pleasure to serve and honor YOU, exactly as you are. We humbly meet you in the place where you currently stand in your life. Nothing brings us more satisfaction and purpose then to acknowledge your uniqueness and ideally, help to spark some *inner glow* inside of you. Thank you for being here!

Our team is made of up several amazing practitioners. Read on to discover more about each of them!

About Lola: I am an intuitive, spirited, multi-passionate, self-made, yogi-fied, mama-preneur. I consider myself a gentle yet grounded activist, here to disrupt the old systems and create conscious, more vibrant ones, that are inclusive and regenerative.

At the core of my being, my true purpose is to

» CONNECT you to your highest, truest, best self
» EXPAND your mind beyond what you’re used to and
» PROVIDE you with the tools to discover and achieve EXACTLY what you want from this beautiful journey of life

I know you sense something inside of you—maybe a word, phrase or image bubbles up when you hear the words “inner glow.” This is because your spirit is READY to be HEARD, and I can tell you right now, it gets better. There IS more to life and you CAN get what you want out of it. It’s possible! Once you commit to being open to receive what is meant for you, things start to flooooow. And you start to GLOW!!!!!

So… you may be wondering, how did I discover this flow, this glow, this *light-magic*? Great question! Basically, I grew tired of feeling tired. I had an inner sense that something needed to change with my life. I wanted to CHOOSE my experiences, become a more *consciously woke woman.*  I realized that there was something holding me back, still. Old wounds… Old memories from the past in which I experienced pain and sadness were still being made present in my current life. That’s not cool! Carrying around baggage is a sure-fire way to “kill your vibe” and “disrupt your flow.”

Born a musician and performer,

I spent my formative years singing, dancing, acting, and playing the piano and cello. I carried this love of performing with me everywhere, yet, for some time, it turned out to be one of my greatest demons, making the constant tendency to “perform” depleting and confusing to my deepest self. Who was I performing for? I was tired of pretending. So I stopped, for many years. I made a decision and a realization that life could BE more—by performing less and thereby EXPERIENCING more. Recently, I have returned to my music, singing with every class I teach, every video I make. Music continues to be my ‘top tool’ for immediate transformation.

In my twenties, I explored world travels.

I explored world travels. I lived in Argentina, then Brazil, then tried three months in Europe. Each time I was by myself, completely thrown out of my comfort zone and own head, and on a mission to discover what made me tick. I learned fluent Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. It was so challenging to go through these trips in this way, but ‘spending time with the self’ continues to be a favorite tool I use regularly. I currently serve as a Spanish Immersion and Conversation Teacher and Tutor and self-identify as a part of the LatinX community. ¡Para mi, no existe nada más brillante, y que me da vida, como la gente y cultura latin@!

I continued self-exploration by learning yoga.

What a truly beautiful opportunity to fall in love with movement, mantras, meditation, and all things magical! I practiced day after day after day. I took classes all over the country: Chicago, LA, Austin, and more. I became a certified 200-hour yoga teacher, taught my butt off, and spread the good yogi word. I still strongly consider myself a yoga teacher, but my teaching style is primarily spiritual and introspective rather than purely physical asana-based.

All throughout my journey of healing, I was independently using essential oils.

I stocked up on all the goodies and grew my personal collection to over 100 individual oils. I studied my desk reference nightly, I practiced on loved ones, and eventually enrolled to become a certified aromatherapist at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. After that, I felt confident enough to create my own beautiful line of essential oil-based, spiritual skin care products. These products are meant for transformation and inner work. They are true aromatherapy tools and are guaranteed to *open you up*. I’ve got oils for grounding into the earth, oils to clear the mind, and oils to heal your heart. The products are one of my favorite things I do, but sure enough, my heart was still asking to go deeper and learn more.

I moved on to nutrition.

Food = Life! This path gave me the energy I needed to perform. I juiced, tried purely raw, vegan, paleo, mediterranean, gluten-free plant-based, and more. I received my holistic nutrition certification from SWIHA and started teaching and coaching others how to eat well to feel well. My husband swears that the fresh pressed juices and smoothies I would make him during his cancer radiation treatment was what gave him the energy and vibrancy he needed to continue to show up daily for us. To this day, we each have a green juice and/or smoothie to get us going. I firmly believe in good, real food as an anchor to my life and *glow*. However, I could still sense my heart asking for more!

I became a certified reiki practitioner and master.

THIS! This was the right next step for expansion. I was able to lift the veil of my former self, and REALLY see what was asking to be discovered. I adore reiki, the acknowledgment of the source of life—inner light—glowing vibrations of energy—symbols of power, release, and growth—absolute healing. Reiki has been another anchor that allows me to connect with others and be a clear channel of energy for peace and beauty and transformation to occur. Experiencing one of my reiki journeys is like taking a magic pill and surrendering to all that your soul has to share. You are held and safe during the process and don’t actually take any plant medicines! Energy is the medicine here.

And now, my newest venture is to dive deep into the science of mental health and trauma.

I am officially in a Masters of Social Work program at the University of Illinois to become a licensed mental health practitioner. During this study, I will continue to serve my community as an energy medicine master but be able to bring in science and research to make true strides with all beings.

My message to you is this: You are held, loved, seen, and heard by the Universe, Source, and your Higher Self. 

Your path and presence is 100% welcome here—exactly as you are. If you are struggling internally or externally, I am here for you. I know you. I can tap in deep to how you feel, what goes on in your head and even in your heart and soul. I personally can’t wait to see your light shine brighter as we work together. I want your life to feel beautiful, lovely, amazing, and GLOWing. My work is a perfect merging of magical experiences and tools to help you get there!

Are you ready to see what’s out there for you? Click here to  start your journey to the center of you—your GLOW.



About Sarah:

From growing up lobstering on the rugged coast of Maine, to training sled dogs and salmon fishing in Alaska, to competitive paddling throughout the Hawaiian Islands and in the Yukon Territory has given Waterman a better understanding of how important the benefits of bodywork is to all walks of life. She was educated at Healing Mountain Massage in Salt Lake City, Utah, and graduated top of her class in 2018.   Swedish, Deep Tissue, Relaxation and Sports are some of the techniques that she uses within her practice but brings a bit of her own flare to the table. Waterman believes that being the best therapist means not only listening to the client… but listening to their body.

Communication is key in any relationship… Especially when it comes to your body.  Sarah takes the time with all clients to ask questions, listen, have a plan and makes each massage personalized to that person. Allowing each person the permission to give themselves the space to help the feeling and the healing process.

About Sara:

“I specialize in helping individuals soothe pain, anxiety, and stress as a residual from chronic illness or injury. Those diagnosed with chronic illness / chronic pain often have anxiety and depression surrounding their illness. This can contribute to sleepless nights, shameful feelings, self-blame, fear of social situations, isolation, and anger. Within our partnership we will create a new awareness and understanding of the impact your illness has had on your quality of life and how this has created your current internal narrative.

I believe in working with every client as holistically as possible (mind and body). I use and promote evidence-based treatment approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT), Eye Movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MSBR), along with somatic based techniques.”

About Jasmine:

Dr. Jasmine Evans, PT, DPT, WCS is a physical therapist that specializes in pelvic health for all individuals. Jasmine developed a passion for pelvic health as a teenager after watching a documentary about chronic pelvic pain.

After receiving her doctorate of physical therapy at the University of South Florida, she landed a career as an orthopedic physical therapist with a strong emphasis on manual therapy, specifically myofascial release. She went on to pursue a Certificate of Achievement in Pelvic Health Physical Therapy (CAPP-Pelvic). Later, she became a Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Women’s Health Physical Therapy (WCS).