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Know Thyself.

When discovering the depths of my soul, often I am guided to serving others through leadership and entertainment. I am called to perform and create from a place of pure spirit. I have found both my leadership and entertainment needs are being met through my business, Glow by Lola. As an intuitive counselor and coach, yoga teacher, and spiritual skin care crafter, I make people feel something (entertain) and I get to pave the path for other spiritual entrepreneurs that have never been able to fit in a box, like me (leadership). Yay for ‘self-discovery’!

I’ve always gravitated to the phrase “know thyself” but *of course* had to take it further than the original philosophers did and and use  Ramana Maharshi‘s version which states, ““Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” Thanks yogi Ramana, I am on it!

Which leads me to a combination of the below post – KNOWING THYSELF is MY SERVICE. The act of learning who I am will then provide a safe and clear space for others to do the same. Wow.

As I get to ‘know, love, and heal myself’, I am becoming more and more comfortable disappointing people by keeping my boundaries strong. When we set boundaries, things transform. Putting myself first is helping me remove the burdens I’ve carried for too long. The burdens that don’t belong to me any more. I stand my ground and ask for what I need. Being assertive, dealing with the ROOT issues, yes… but the surface blah blah blahs just don’t matter currently to me. Learning to assert my boundaries is laying down my truth. It’s my anchor and must be in place. Things transform when we set our boundaries, be assertive and clear. Woah. Recognizing when something is off balance and making necessary changes. Honing in on exactly what I offer as a healing artist. My work is a piece of art and is integrating fully now. I am not *just* anything, I am *everything*.

Coaches + Counselors ROCK.
Artists KICK ASS.
Teachers AMAZE me.
Healers AWAKEN truth.

I am all of these things, all of the time. My *work* isn’t just one of these, they are all of these. I teach, heal, empower, dance, spread art, bring sound, beautify spaces, channel nature, coach, counsel, and LOVE – ALL OF THE TIME with every step, event, class, workshop, product…. Expecting this and knowing this is the key to moving forward for me in alignment now. I speak up now! I ‘say yes’ to the experience of life!

{Gosh, I’m so glad I got that off of my chest.}

Special shout out to my current and past healers, teachers, coaches, counselors. Rise, rise, rise, RISE!!!!! The world needs you more than ever NOW.

xo, love, light + hugs,

And may you walk forward in service through your own ‘self-realization’ too!

To read more about the origin of the phrase “know thyself” click here.

beauty and light,

Mirror Work at it’s finest – an easy way to activate major self-love and get to ‘know thyself’ even faster!

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In more and more scientific research (and in the depths of my soul), I am learning how time in nature is equivalent to time spent with my best friends. It refuels me, calms me down, increases my joy, and opens my creative power. My favorite thing to do is to walk slowly through the woods, admiring the animal and plant beings. It is seriously the most peaceful experience ever. About halfway through my walk, I stop and stretch. I get grounded into my breath and begin to open my arms wide towards the sky. I feel as though I am flying!

I continue to walk and stop a few more times to balance, strike a warrior pose, or even sit and meditate.

I am grateful that I can share this experience with others during my Yoga Hikes, hosted by the Urbana Park District. I always bring some glow bug spray with – it’s so fun hearing the reactions of the students when they smell it’s lovely aroma.
To learn more about the hikes, click here. To learn more about the science behind using nature to heal, click here or here.

May you be immersed in the green of life,



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Intuition is seeing with the soul

What is intuitive counseling and how does it work? 

The work I do with my one on one coaching clients is so special and important to me. A session looks and feels like a warm hug from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. It’s enjoyable and at times difficult, but all the while worth the effort put forth. I believe that each of my clients is a soul mate meant just for me. We both experience similar occurrences in our lives at the same times and have very similar needs. Sometimes, it’s like looking in a mirror!

I serve each of my clients as a clear channel of connected, peaceful and healing energy. As a trained and certified reiki practitioner, holistic nutrition coach, life coach, and yoga teacher, I use all of the modalities I’ve experienced in almost every session. We start off by connecting to the elements outside. Noticing the air, sun, clouds, earth, plant and animal beings, and water. It’s really important to me to get each of my clients out of their heads for a moment and into the arms of mother earth!

Next, we discuss immediate happenings – what’s going on lately? how’s the body been feeling? how’s your sleep? relationships with friends, children, partners, strangers, etc.?  I take careful notes of patterns I notice, language being used, things to bring up again and dive deeper with.

Then, I take over talking for a moment and discuss the various ‘angel or tarot’ cards that I’ve pulled before our session. These cards are simple feedback to things that are occurring or will occur in the client’s life. They are meant to be fun, insightful, exciting – and always always always are so true!

I lead my client through gentle stretching of next, shoulders, arms, and maybe legs and back – I connect them to the physical plane that they are currently residing in. We breathe, we visualize, I guide them throughout.

Once the client feels grounded, safe and relaxed, I have them repeat after me while tapping on the meridian points of the upper body. We affirm what is occurring. We acknowledge it. We notice and accept it as true. Yet, then, as we tap, we become more ready and able to release that which “no longer serves”. We let it out, we take back our power, we become more in love and more confident with our truths. It is simply beautiful.

Lastly, the client gets to lay down on the reiki table and rest. I apply gentle touch to their feet, legs, belly and head. It’s so calming and integrative. I use a wide spectrum of essential oils and crystals throughout. The “goal is to raise the vibrations” of my clients. To enhance their life force! To bring them closer to their hearts truth.

I usually end with a song or a sound bath. I mean, who doesn’t want to be lulled into bliss with sound, right? So great.
Anyways, THIS is the work I do in my counseling sessions. I hope some day you will be able to experience this. It would be my honor to have you.

To learn about my pricing options and packages, click here. Each potential client will receive a complimentary call to discuss their personal situation prior to meeting.

All my love,



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May you “be”…

Learning to “be“? My presence is my power?

Yes please! Sure!!! Always.

Working hard on self-acceptance and the art of “be-ing” but also, currently, I am really honing in on the following calling: “A safe, brave space to find your light + let it shine, to know you’re not alone.”

THIS is what I am cultivating + creating for my reality and for yours too. There is nothing I want more. Walk forward on your path of greatness believing that YOU ARE WORTH IT all! Allow your bliss to enter into your consciousness and become one with your soul.

When I was younger, I had so much freedom. I ran through the yards, the streets and the parks with ease. It was so fun! I remember sitting in pools of muddy water and just laughing. So silly. So free.

When I moved at age nine, my doubts and fears crept in “You’re different from them. You’re not enough. You are not like them, Lola.” Having this gift of a name, Lola, was one way that I labelled myself as “different”. My unique ways, mannerisms, skills and style all were the bane of my existence.

Little did I know, I was just holding on to the past too tightly and not trusting my spirit to guide me through, *with ease*. I’ve learned so much. My biggest lessons are:

1. Time + Space for self-care and quiet reflection are the most important things ever for me.

2. Singing LOUDLY, dancing WILDLY and laughing SO MUCH is a daily requirement for my survival. Like really, tho. Even better when I can do these things with my PEOPLE.

3. I love children! I love *sensitive + spirited* children! I love the ones that ask the most questions, say the deepest things, see the BEAUTY of creativity and discovery. I love them so much it hurts.

4. I feel the safest when I can see trees. I need them and they need me. I know it’s hard to believe, but we really are good friends.

5. I am loved. I really am loved. It’s been SO HARD to let that love in. I’m not kidding. Like, I didn’t think I would ever learn how to, but I am getting better with practice. It all started with loving myself. And boy, was THAT hard! But I’m better now. And ready to receive other’s love too. Like *really* receive it.

6. I believe in healing. I believe in transformation. I believe in change. I believe in the power of intention. I believe in rising through the murky waters and blossoming. I believe that we all have a place here. I believe we can love more and unite. I am a vessel of love and I want you to be one too.

Friends and loved ones, thank you for allowing me to be with you. I am so blessed! Thank you for believing in ME and uniting with ME! May today be just what you needed.

beauty and light,