We are donating 15% of our profits each month to KOOP. KOOP stands for Kid Owned and Operated Play, offering kids a new way to play. KOOP’s vision of a permanent playground will be a piece of land where children can develop, design, and take ownership of their own space. This space may include wood chips, stumps, wood scraps, tires, huge pipes, ropes, mud, shovels, rakes,  and other raw materials used to build, dig, get messy, create, explore and do anything imaginable. This type of playground has no prefabricated equipment or structured activities allowing children of all ages to use whatever they find to imagine, create and play. It’s an incredible way to approach self-directed play, visit their website to learn more about the benefits!

In addition, we will spotlight a different non-profit organization each month to donate 5% of my profits too.

See our schedule for 2018:
May | Prosperity Gardens
June | Prairie Dragon Paddlers
July | Allerton
August | Crisis Nursery
September | Catsnap
October | Courage Connection
November | 40 North
December | Cunningham Children’s Home

+ start of 2019:
January | Habitat for Humanity
February | Black Lives Matter
March | Eastern Illinois Foodbank
April | MakerSpace

We believe in supporting and giving back to our community, because we’re all in this together. I’m grateful for these organizations making my world a better place for me, my family, friends, and those I’ve yet to meet.