“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” —Coretta Scott King

Curious to see if you like Lola’s approach to self-care accountability style but aren’t ready to commit to the one-on-one? Are you someone that thrives better in a group with community accountability? Then, Lola’s group programs are perfect for you!

Starting in 2018, Lola began successfully hosting self-care group programs. She has found that her participants are all very successful, performing 80 – 95% of all the goals she proposes in the group. Goals range from ‘track the amount of water you drink’ to ‘clean out your junk drawer’. Lola believes and has learned through her own methods, that self-care can be all-encompassing and include not just your physical health.

Lola leads her groups by using google classroom with a once a week, optional, live zoom session. Lola’s self-care programs run three times a year, each lasting three weeks and are $60 ($20/week).

August 2022

$60 /person


January 2023

$60 /person

June 2023

$60 /person

Not quite ready to invest? Join Lola’s free, 5-day, self-care challenges!

Monday July 11 – Friday July 15, 2022
Monday December 12 – Friday December 16, 2023
Monday March 20 – Friday March 24, 2023

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Still wanting more self-care accountability in a group after the three weeks are up?

Great! Join Lola’s 3-month Mastermind Group to get the entire benefits of both self-care accountability and an official loving, supportive community. The Mastermind Group will have a Facebook group option in addition to the google classroom and monthly, optional zoom sessions.

Fall | Oct 23 - Dec 17



Winter | Feb 19 - Apr 15