Intuition is seeing with the soul

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What is intuitive counseling and how does it work? 

The work I do with my one on one coaching clients is so special and important to me. A session looks and feels like a warm hug from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. It’s enjoyable and at times difficult, but all the while worth the effort put forth. I believe that each of my clients is a soul mate meant just for me. We both experience similar occurrences in our lives at the same times and have very similar needs. Sometimes, it’s like looking in a mirror!

I serve each of my clients as a clear channel of connected, peaceful and healing energy. As a trained and certified reiki practitioner, holistic nutrition coach, life coach, and yoga teacher, I use all of the modalities I’ve experienced in almost every session. We start off by connecting to the elements outside. Noticing the air, sun, clouds, earth, plant and animal beings, and water. It’s really important to me to get each of my clients out of their heads for a moment and into the arms of mother earth!

Next, we discuss immediate happenings – what’s going on lately? how’s the body been feeling? how’s your sleep? relationships with friends, children, partners, strangers, etc.?  I take careful notes of patterns I notice, language being used, things to bring up again and dive deeper with.

Then, I take over talking for a moment and discuss the various ‘angel or tarot’ cards that I’ve pulled before our session. These cards are simple feedback to things that are occurring or will occur in the client’s life. They are meant to be fun, insightful, exciting – and always always always are so true!

I lead my client through gentle stretching of next, shoulders, arms, and maybe legs and back – I connect them to the physical plane that they are currently residing in. We breathe, we visualize, I guide them throughout.

Once the client feels grounded, safe and relaxed, I have them repeat after me while tapping on the meridian points of the upper body. We affirm what is occurring. We acknowledge it. We notice and accept it as true. Yet, then, as we tap, we become more ready and able to release that which “no longer serves”. We let it out, we take back our power, we become more in love and more confident with our truths. It is simply beautiful.

Lastly, the client gets to lay down on the reiki table and rest. I apply gentle touch to their feet, legs, belly and head. It’s so calming and integrative. I use a wide spectrum of essential oils and crystals throughout. The “goal is to raise the vibrations” of my clients. To enhance their life force! To bring them closer to their hearts truth.

I usually end with a song or a sound bath. I mean, who doesn’t want to be lulled into bliss with sound, right? So great.
Anyways, THIS is the work I do in my counseling sessions. I hope some day you will be able to experience this. It would be my honor to have you.

To learn about my pricing options and packages, click here. Each potential client will receive a complimentary call to discuss their personal situation prior to meeting.

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