Know Thyself.

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When discovering the depths of my soul, often I am guided to serving others through leadership and entertainment. I am called to perform and create from a place of pure spirit. I have found both my leadership and entertainment needs are being met through my business, Glow by Lola. As an intuitive counselor and coach, yoga teacher, and spiritual skin care crafter, I make people feel something (entertain) and I get to pave the path for other spiritual entrepreneurs that have never been able to fit in a box, like me (leadership). Yay for ‘self-discovery’!

I’ve always gravitated to the phrase “know thyself” but *of course* had to take it further than the original philosophers did and and use  Ramana Maharshi‘s version which states, ““Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” Thanks yogi Ramana, I am on it!

Which leads me to a combination of the below post – KNOWING THYSELF is MY SERVICE. The act of learning who I am will then provide a safe and clear space for others to do the same. Wow.

As I get to ‘know, love, and heal myself’, I am becoming more and more comfortable disappointing people by keeping my boundaries strong. When we set boundaries, things transform. Putting myself first is helping me remove the burdens I’ve carried for too long. The burdens that don’t belong to me any more. I stand my ground and ask for what I need. Being assertive, dealing with the ROOT issues, yes… but the surface blah blah blahs just don’t matter currently to me. Learning to assert my boundaries is laying down my truth. It’s my anchor and must be in place. Things transform when we set our boundaries, be assertive and clear. Woah. Recognizing when something is off balance and making necessary changes. Honing in on exactly what I offer as a healing artist. My work is a piece of art and is integrating fully now. I am not *just* anything, I am *everything*.

Coaches + Counselors ROCK.
Artists KICK ASS.
Teachers AMAZE me.
Healers AWAKEN truth.

I am all of these things, all of the time. My *work* isn’t just one of these, they are all of these. I teach, heal, empower, dance, spread art, bring sound, beautify spaces, channel nature, coach, counsel, and LOVE – ALL OF THE TIME with every step, event, class, workshop, product…. Expecting this and knowing this is the key to moving forward for me in alignment now. I speak up now! I ‘say yes’ to the experience of life!

{Gosh, I’m so glad I got that off of my chest.}

Special shout out to my current and past healers, teachers, coaches, counselors. Rise, rise, rise, RISE!!!!! The world needs you more than ever NOW.

xo, love, light + hugs,

And may you walk forward in service through your own ‘self-realization’ too!

To read more about the origin of the phrase “know thyself” click here.

beauty and light,

Mirror Work at it’s finest – an easy way to activate major self-love and get to ‘know thyself’ even faster!

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