“Be patient with yourself, you are the magic of the universe unfolding at its own rhythm.” —Spirit Daughter

As a Moon Ceremony Master, each Moon Circle that Lola hosts involves several ‘energy medicine’ components. You will participate in a gentle, yet chakra-strengthening yoga sequence, a round of emotional freedom technique tapping, the calling in our water spirit guides, intuitive essential oil application, tarot and crystal grid art, a fire burning ceremony, and a mini liberating dance session. The ceremony also includes a longer journaling opportunity with several guiding questions relating specifically to the particular moon season and energy that we are in at the time of the circle.

As a Reiki Master, Lola is constantly channeling the messages of unconditional love, kindness, and truth. It is her intention to provide each participant with this *Reiki GLOW* throughout the ceremony. In person participation is limited to 15 but there are unlimited online spots. A link will be emailed to you upon registration. You should have a yoga mat, water, a journal and pen, and anything else you’d like to provide you with comfort during this special ceremony.

The New Moon is a special time to dig deep and find a more profound sense of truth, even if the journey isn’t always comfortable. It is a chance to do some self-evaluation, allowing your shadow side to come into the light for growth. Picture yourself planting seeds of desire, calling forward what is truly sitting within your heart! It can be vulnerable work and I promise that I am fully capable of holding space for the journey inward.

The Full Moon is a sacred time when we can fuel our creations and shatter our limitations. It sheds light on all the work we’ve done since setting our New Moon intentions. It is a chance to see clearly what we need to release in our lives. Things like mental blocks, self-imposed limitations, and/or doubts can be seen and felt and let go.

In order to vibe with the rhythm of a moon circle from home, I have put together some guidance for our online participants. Each circle consists of ‘more or less’ the following rituals and activities. The ones with asterisks** indicate ‘extra time for the in person movement‘ and ‘need your own supplies from home‘:

  • opening intention setting
  • clearing of body, mind, spirit, and space**
  • gentle movements
  • learning, reading, journaling and digesting a pdf that will be shared virtually – I recommend printing this out
  • charging the water ceremony**
  • crystal grid making**
  • active movement and dance
  • fire ceremony**, oil ceremony**, water ceremony**
  • final reflection
  • rest

The supplies I recommend having on hand from home are: sage, cedar, any local dried herb, or palo santo for cleansing the space, yoga mat, print out of learning/reading, fresh spring water, post its, journal, several crystals, tarot/oracle cards, plate or tray for making crystal grid, plants, candles, essential oil blend, option for fresh air to come into your space (open a window or stand near a door during the fire ceremony), speaker for optimal sound (not required), blanket for covering up if cold during rest.

Interested in hiring Lola to lead a Moon Circle for your group?