PEMF Regulation Mat

Recover faster, sleep better, elevate your focus and achieve ultimate wellness. Dial into nature’s beneficial frequencies and activate your state of complete wellbeing whilst doing yoga, stretching or simply lying down and relaxing on your Infrared PEMF Mat Max.

PEMF Regulation Mat


PEMF Regulation Mat

LumeBox Handheld RLT

The Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (PEMF) Mat is fully loaded with all the best biohacking techniques you can imagine. Not only does the mat have multiple frequency settings – Delta waves to improve deep sleep, one for grounding and earthing that is in the frequency of Schumann’s Resonance, which is the Earth’s magnetic field, Alpha waves to increase calm creativity, and Beta waves for logical thinking, conscious thought or meditation.

It also has red, near-infrared, and far infrared light wave frequencies. It’s Low EMF and flicker-free. Unfold your PEMF Mat Max and do some yoga or stretching, meditate, read a book or simply lay down and relax and let the wavelengths activate the endless benefits.

Light and heat therapy can be so impactful for muscle soreness, tension, pain in the body, detoxification, and so many more things. It is also packed with tourmaline, gemstones, germanium, gemstones, and amethyst crystals, which all help to balance your mood, keep you calm, activate spiritual awareness, open intuition and attract positive ions from your body to keep you in that balance state.

Each session comes with the use of the LUMEBOX hand held, spot treatment near and far infrared light treatment box as well as aromatherapy and cooling cloth.