RAISE YOUR GLOW in NATURE 1024 1024 glowmin

In more and more scientific research (and in the depths of my soul), I am learning how time in nature is equivalent to time spent with my best friends. It refuels me, calms me down, increases my joy, and opens my creative power. My favorite thing to do is to walk slowly through the woods, admiring the animal and plant beings. It is seriously the most peaceful experience ever. About halfway through my walk, I stop and stretch. I get grounded into my breath and begin to open my arms wide towards the sky. I feel as though I am flying!

I continue to walk and stop a few more times to balance, strike a warrior pose, or even sit and meditate.

I am grateful that I can share this experience with others during my Yoga Hikes, hosted by the Urbana Park District. I always bring some glow bug spray with – it’s so fun hearing the reactions of the students when they smell it’s lovely aroma.
To learn more about the hikes, click here. To learn more about the science behind using nature to heal, click here or here.

May you be immersed in the green of life,



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